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Coaching Services

Coaching is a Commitment to Support Another

Replace small change thinking
We help you overcome small change thinking for achievable big ideas and dreams

Our Coaching Services include:

Life Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

Small Business Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Transition Coaching

Writer’s Coaching

Book Publishing Coaching


Coaching is a relationship between a professional coach and a client. It entails communication. One has not communicated unless understanding is conveyed to one another. A coach is not a Consultant, nor a Therapist nor a Psychologist. We neither teach nor advise. Nevertheless we are experienced in our respective fields. We assist you to discover yourself, and help you clarify your vision, hope or desire and work with you as you formulate your own strategy; a system of plans, goals, actions, tasks or steps to achieve your own desired change or success.

The role of the coach in most of the world is undervalued. Professional sportsmen, sportswomen, mangers and Chief Executive officers or directors have understood without coaching they could not advance. They are the wiser people. Yet, the people who really need coaching the most hardly give it a thought. Coaching needs to be appreciated more for its value adding benefits to our lives.

Finding a Coach

When searching for a coach, find someone with whom you are personally comfortable and with whom you connect. The coach needs to be someone who can facilitate your focus, and inspire within you faith and hope. A good coach will help you to always project yourself forward. We are forward thinkers, always pressing towards a higher place of achievement.


Life coaching

In Life Coaching we assist our clients to discover their own personal purposes for life. A purpose is something we always aim towards, and because a purpose is not usually measurable, one never quite knows when we are achieving it or not. A purpose is like a life long objective. Both purposes and objectives have to made into smaller steps or actions to be accomplished within a specified time. These are often also referred to as goals, and because we specify a date of completion, they are measurable. Life coaches work with you to achieve your own personal goals. We help you identify desired behavior changes and assist you establish your own realistic goals towards successful transitions in your life. As a client you are an active agent in accomplishing your own destiny. You are neither dictated to nor commanded. I hope to think that you inspired, encouraged and empowered by your own assisted self-discovery. Most who seek life coaches want to replace bad habits, learn new skills and adapt to positive self-affirmations to be better at all they determine to be in their lives.



Spiritual coaching

Too many times, I have heard, sometimes from people in their sixties, “God has a plan and purpose for my life, I just know, but I have no idea what it is”. I feel so saddened by it, knowing with every fiber of my being, our heavenly Father never leaves his people to be aimless strangers. He leads. He guides. He directs, and through Jeremiah states, For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says YaHUaH, The [Existing] Eternal, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.

Our Father does not keep the thoughts, His intents or plans to Himself. He would be a cruel Father to do so. There is no evil within Him. His greatest desire is for our peace and a hopeful future. It begins today. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can discover today.

In the gospels I see it reported, Peter sinking in the water, and YaHUsha, Savior Eternal [commonly referred to as Jesus], taking Peter by the hand and lifting him up to return the boat. There are times we sink, and we sink for many different reasons in our lives. However, it is not the sinking I want to be focused upon. It is the helping hand up.

A medic, not heeding his own safety, charges onto the battle field and places the wounded on a stretcher and carries the wounded to a place of safety to lead towards a recovery. Coaching is both giving a helping hand up, and assisting a client back to a place of restoration True spirituality is both a love for our Creator, our Father, and for our neighbors, our fellow men, women and children. Religion, a community of believers centered upon and agreed upon deity has many shapes and forms determined by the group and its leadership. All too often we are not undertaking for one another as we should. Through Action Abilities, it is my determination to change it. Spirituality is one’s own belief and direct relationship with Father. At times, we may lose our way, feel discouraged or in downright despair. Our purpose is to be there for you.

As a spiritual coach we assist our clients rediscover their own faith. Our spiritual hand up is not instilling our own beliefs upon you. It is only helping you find your spiritual purpose, to rediscover our Father’s love, and His thoughts and intents already deposited within you. He still speaks from heaven and His plans for you are available to be received. He guides our steps, directing us on His good paths to fulfillment and abundance. We only assist you to hear with clarity His leading and guidance. Reading the Bible gives us very general commands and instructions for our lives, but is in hearing our Creator’s voice that we are directed very specifically. As we each have our own DNA, we each have our own specific abilities equipping us for our own specific God-given vocations or careers. Abilities in Action achieve His desired success for each of us.

As coaches in our Father’s hands we assist you receive the clarity of vision already within you. Prayer helps to tune you into your purposes and goals. We give you a helping hand to formulate your own realistic goals. You find your way taking actions within a given time which means your goals are measurable. If the goal was missed, we help you in your own evaluation for redirection. You are wonderfully made. We only help you discover you and your purposes.


Small Business Coaching


Relationship coaching


Transition coaching


Writer’s coaching


Book Publishing coaching

Public Speaking, Seminars, Workshops


Spiritual Ministry Services

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