Overcoming a Negative Disposition

Every person has aspects of their character or personality that is negative. It is part of being human. A person’s inherent negative qualities of character, like all bad habits, can be overcome. We all have work to do, even the very best of us. In fact, the wiser more accomplished, are actively engaged at self-improvement, never settling for that which is not good. Having a negative disposition is described as having a poor self-esteem. Through Life Coaching a professional coach can help a client identify negative personalities or character traits.  These negatives can be replaced through the skills of a coach and the cooperation of the client.

One’s self-esteem can work for or against them, for it is a self-esteem or lack of that influences and determines our level of success or failures in our personal lives. It can effect positively or negatively our spiritual relationship with our Creator, our family members, our careers and our social or religious lives.  Through Spiritual Coaching of a professional Life Coach at Action Abilities, we can help our clients improve their self-esteem.

People with low self-esteem, often find it difficult to respect themselves, and in not respecting themselves, will find it difficult to respect others. Everything goes down in a negative spiral.  Conversely, people with a good quality of self-esteem, those who have a positive disposition, will generally respect themselves more, and in respecting themselves, find it easier to respect others also.  Being wise, their lives tend to spiral up into achievement, accomplishment and success.  These people prosper at all they set out to do.  They perceive their Creator positively. They can appreciate who they see in the mirror.  There is usually peace and harmony in the family. They embrace others and make the very best friends, being helpful and supportive.  Their business ventures thrive.

Negative people barely survive.

Positive people thrive.

The power to merely survive or thrive is within your own hands. Actually, it is in your own attitude.

Someone asked me yesterday, Will negative people drain you? I said, Yes, but I also believe a positive person can pull up the negative person, and hence, a person with a high self-esteem will always do the right thing, even when exposed to the wrong group of people. A person who has a good self-image, regarding himself or herself highly will not follow negative people down into the gutter of self-pity and failure. People with high esteem tend to have sound and secure values, knowing convincingly the difference between right and wrong.  They are a moral and principled people, rejecting the wrong, and embracing the good.

Positive people become more positive still. Their positive attitude grows on those in their company. Begin to think positively.  Capture negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. The more you do so, the more positive you will become. Becoming more positive, you will attract positive people and positive outcomes at all you venture to do.   A positive attitude or disposition attracts success. Being successful feeds ones self-esteem, leading to richer lives.  It can be as simple as choosing the positive over the negative.

Choose a high self-esteem. Yes, it is true, Never think of yourself more highly than you ought.  But don’t allow that injunction pull you down into a low self-esteem.  For it is equally true, Don’t see yourself more lowly than you ought.  Be realistic, but always aim to be better. Always be positive where you’re able, working against negativity.

Be positive.

Influence others for the better also.

Being helpful is a gift from our Father, our Creator. Make the best of it by being positive.


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