Identifying a Negative Disposition

Often while coaching, a professional coach, through skilled questioning will help a client identify an negative disposition.

In what ways have you recognized within yourself a very negative disposition, having faced some trying situations? In another way of saying it you may admit, “Sometimes I have had a very poor self-esteem”.

You do not have to ever settle for it, but always find ways to improve yourself. It is one of the many reasons many have pursued coaching: To obtain help, and help others beyond it.  A coached client learns to determine to live with a better personal outlook.

A poor self-esteem is like a bad habit. Bad habits can be overcome. A poor self-esteem can also be overcome. This is one of many benefits from being coached.

There is a Booklet, How to Build Self-esteem.
The very first paragraph begins, “Tracy has been in and out of relationships for so long that she is beginning to think that there is no one out there for her. No matter how she tried, and no matter what kind of guy she goes steady with, it always ends up with a big bang, and the door is usually slammed at her end”.

If you have failed at one job after another how was your negative disposition to blame?
In what ways do you think there is no one there for you? In what ways do you blame yourself?
What do you look like on the inside to yourself?
In what ways are you a confident person?
List the ways you tend to be very negative in your relationships?
Which list is longer?
Are you at all positive?
Regarding relationships, what are your negative thoughts or traits? Describe what puts someone off of you.
In what ways do you respect yourself?
What qualities do you admire about yourself?
What don’t you like about yourself?
How much do you regard yourself in terms of your job?
What have you accomplished in your life? What have you failed at?
How would you describe your relationships with your family? Your work colleagues? Your customers?
What is your place in society? Do you socialize at all? If yes, Where do you socialize?
How happy and confident are you about your job? Your social life?
You see, With a low self-esteem you will attract the wrong kind of job or relationship. You may attract the right partner, but with a negative self-esteem, you’ll end up driving the partner away in one way or another. If you have no or very little respect for yourself, others will not respect you either.

A man was being coached and stated that he found it very difficult to trust others to do a good job. The coach asked him, “In what ways do you not trust yourself?”

She had a point. He was treating others as he generally treated himself. He admitted that he can be extremely hard on himself. In many ways he didn’t trust himself, because in his subconscious mind, he knew, no matter how good he did, he’d say, “I am going to mess up at some point or the other”. In what manner do you do the same to yourself?

Self-esteem can help us make a success of all we do and improve our relationships, or being without self-esteem we can fail at many ventures, and sour many good relationships.  Get in touch with Action Abilities for our coaching services at

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Let me work with you to help you overcome your poor self-esteem or negative disposition.

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