Coaching Confronts the Enemy Lurking Behind the Façade of Success Part I

One of the most tragic stories, I have ever seen, is that of Caesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer. Surely not! You would have every right to exclaim if you have seen him successfully work with dogs and the dog owners on TV. Of course, appearances can be the most deceiving and we all tempted to put on great facades of great achievement and triumph.

He is one of my favorite coaches, PRECISELY for his skills and accomplishments, not just with dogs, but with dog owners also. Every presentation of Caesar is one of great triumph. Achievement. Success. Prosperity. In control. Great passion. A great sense of purpose. A perfect LinkedIn candidate! He has to be a multimillionaire. Right? WRONG!

In all his success his own life fell apart. He committed suicide. We almost lost him forever, with no one suspecting his personal trauma. His outward success hiding all his internal tragedy. What do we hide?

Better still, there was a simple path out for Caesar, as there is for every one of us. Partnering with a coach would have made all the difference in his life. We need not bear our burdens alone. Two regularly solve problems better than one. A coach has the advantage of being objective and with skilled questions help us see a hopeful alternative. Contact me. I will help.

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