I am currently working on bringing in an eBook in a pdf format called, Avoiding the Living Agony of Living Together, Marriage and Divorce.

I am expecting to have the eBook here for sale, in March 2018.


Avoiding the Living Agony Prologue follows:

There are consequences to breaking the boundaries established by The Almighty, especially experienced in the horrors and the agonies of divorce. The agonies are then often revisited in remarriage. All too often we run, instead of allowing The Almighty to remove what afflicts each of us; we run before allowing Him to bind up the wound and apply a healing balm to our souls and spirits. I appeal for the remarrying couples to find His deeper working for each of us. Yes, He is The Almighty of the Second Chances. It is really what lies in the Jubilee. Our Savior Eternal is our Jubilee, The Almighty of the Second Chances.

This book was written because firstly, I found nearly every Christian book on marriage relationships had a great deal of psychology within them, with very few Biblical passages.  Paul, in the New Testament warned that we are to see to it that no one takes our minds captive through philosophy and empty deception, vain deceit and the traditions or the musings of humanity. He adds that there are elementary principles of the world which can sometimes be contrary to the truth.  I am not saying all is bad in psychology, but then cannot get away from the fact that many of the early developers of psychology were some very mixed up characters.  (See Col 2:8).

There is such a thing as a sage who is a legendary man recognized for his wisdom. I am not claiming to be this man. However, there is knowledge within the Bible that is thousands of years old. You could say it is the writings of the ancient sages. Heeding their views means we are in some ways in touch with our own ancestors, if I am permitted to say that in a good way.  Like old wine, the old matured writings have not deteriorated over time, but become ever richer still. The New Testament hints at doctrines or spiritual revelation as being a life enriching wine with people themselves being like new or old wine skins. As new wineskins we learn from the principle or we are as old wineskins that will burst and waste the life changing principles. Old wineskins could not hold the new wine unless reworked to prevent bursting and the wasting of the wine. I trust you will approach this book as a new wineskin for benefits to your relationships.  If old and hence, a little inclined towards being staid in your ways and understanding, I hope you will find the writing a tool to rework and renew you for improved relationships. There are age old principles that have become more meaningful over time, and shown to be truer today than they have ever been.  Let us discover these truths and thereby hopefully avoid some horrible agony.

I begin the book showing that marriage is threatened in today’s world.  The attack does not grow weaker, but every day, ever stronger.  There are many reasons it is under attack, but even far better reasons for defending marriage.  My defense of marriage is based upon principles within the Bible demonstrating the destruction to our relationships when we stray from the principles.  We most often stray through ignorance or a lack of knowledge.  You will be surprised to discover that many things psychologists are claiming as new discoveries today, were recorded within the Bible thousands of years ago. Hence, my purpose is to help towards overcoming ignorance and to facilitate your grasp, and thereby to holding onto wonderful truths. Then through these age-old truths to live pleasant lives of kindness or consideration of one another in peace and joy.  

Honestly, people all over the world are discovering that there are painful emotions in their non-committal relationships; of merely living together rather than taking the honorable step towards getting married.  This is magnified in the story of Dinah, the daughter of Jacob. A horrifying story of despair and then murder. Sex before or outside of marriage nearly always has dire consequences, often only manifesting themselves after years of marriage.

We will consider how marriage can be better than living together. What does it really mean to be joined together from God’s perspective? What of the subtle evil infiltration, and why we ought to be warned and always on the lookout against situations that threaten this unity?  We don’t have to be another casualty. We can do a great deal to avoid what I refer to as the Great Void.

While Utopia is a fantasy land, it is also very true, that there is also no Paradise without God. There is always an opposition to God’s best way for us, but take the vow and discover the union made in heaven and experienced through sharing.  Embrace the wonder of maturing together in a marriage instituted By God. How is marriage an Expression of Oneness? What is in the richness of this Biblical understanding?  Why the forbidden marriages?  If marriages can be difficult, why Get Married? This question is highlighted when divorce comes into the picture.  DIVORCE is too often considered a solution. Many times, it is only a complicated solution. There is agony in being torn apart.  When can divorce be a solution?  Divorce is a very controversial subject in the Christian world, but does the Bible reveal good reasons for a divorce and if yes, why?

Is divorce a running away or a vain attempt at replacing the hurting heart?

Then lo and behold!  People get remarried and all too often relive the same agony and sometimes in very much worse ways.  Hence, is remarriage always repeating the agony repeatedly?  Why? If it is a repeated agony, is this why remarriage is forbidden?  If it in deed it is forbidden.  How can that which is referred to as The Exemption Clause come into play?  Do we re return or replace? How can we avoid the same mistakes? Then getting to the close of the book, many Christians will discover the joy of Permitted love-making, designed as a ravishing delight by our Creator.  Sure, there is always the curse of mistaken love that can lead to hatred.  While hatred kills, the positive is that love lets live; life is always a product of love. Avoid the agony that hatred instills. Find life, and in that life the fulness of the gift of love. One of the most challenging statements I have ever made is, Love the enemy you Married.  I’m not being funny, but very serious. It is possible as we will learn to love from the heart.

There is a revealed PASSION IN THE GREAT BOOK, much to the unbelief and surprise of many.  It is experienced in an unfailing love for your spouse, leading to ever more passionate intimacy that those merely living together can never embrace. Much to their loss.  Journey with me and be delighted.  Embrace the message.  It is written for our well-being.