Assessment too Low to be Coached?

Everyone in the Coaching Institute meeting is one of the Super Perfect People-persons in this world. Accomplished. Managers. Executives. Business owners or Entrepreneurs. Chief Executive Officers.

Someone asked,, What if someone comes for coaching who has a very low assessment, like in the 37 percent range, and the comment is, What’s up with you? You’re a mess. How can we work with such a person? Is there any possibility for them to be coached, or are we to gently admit to them, that they are not a possible coaching client?

I interrupted, I was that person with only 37 percent assessment. Adding, It was no shock to me, having already perceived it myself. All this while always having been, ..all my life a self-improvement or self-development person. I crashed out in a nostalgic, ‘re-live farming’ in a mini-farming endeavor that failed horribly. I learnt valuable lessons in the failure, but also saw I could not get out of a bad frame of mind on my own. Hence, signed up to be coached recognizing I, yes, me, and the big, I, I, needed help. I had to own it.

It was also my perception that very few people in the world are Super Perfect People, and many of these people know they need help, but most dare not think they can improve. Too often they are regarded as the lessor people. I want to say to all of these, many hurting people, Look at me, I received help. I obtained input. I knew I could not do it alone, fully understanding that being coached would help me. I was a wreck and was willing to admit it. However, was also determined not to stay in the failure and the wrecked and negative frame of mind. .

If the best people in the world recognize they cannot do it alone and then hire a coach to help them, I more so needed to be coached. I humbled myself and obtained the coaching help and am far better off today for having being coached.

You can also be.

No matter how low your self-evaluation is, nor how poorly others see you. Get help. In fact, if you have a low or poor evaluation, then you, all the more, need the help and can be helped. Also, no matter how accomplished you are, being wise you also know you’ll thrive to greater heights of success with added input and guidance towards better self-discovery of those still latent abilities within.

Don’t carry your burden alone. Reach out. Get help. As I was helped, I am willing to help you also through Action Abilities Coaching.

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