Adam’s Love for Eve

A great deal has been preached regarding the fall of Eve and Adam.

Eve, desiring way more than what her man could offer her, and desiring, in some sense, to supersede The Almighty, heeded the masterful seduction of the serpent. The serpent, promising lies disguised as a new found hope of superiority, easily won her over. Women many times want more than what appears to be available.

She fell for the seduction.

Adam watched on.

He saw her die right before his eyes. ‘Bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh’. His most suitable partner, overcome.

His delight.

His absolute compliment.

His completion of himself. Killed.

Adam stepped forward and knowingly committed suicide.

He knew The Almighty, having walked and talked with Him.

Far superior.

More intelligent.

A superior knowledge and wisdom.

Perfect kindness.

Unspeakable love.

Yet, Adam chose to die with his wife. He could relate to, in his mind far better with her than what he imagined he could obtain with and/or from The Almighty.


Dying with her, they would die together as one.

I think, as broken as Father was, He was also delighted.

He saw His love in Adam perpetuated, ..rather than betray Eve, join with her in her death. Adam had empathy for Eve beyond understanding. He could not forsake her.

This is what being one flesh conveys. It is an unbreakable unity. Super-glue. A clinging together. For this reason man shall forsake mother and father and cling to his wife. Adam demonstrated it fully. He forsook The Almighty, Father, and clung to Eve. This is love.


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