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Wanting to THRIVE more than merely survive, then we’re here for you.

Action Abilities is my business. Within Action Abilities I am a Professional Life Coach in training, Author, Blogger and self-publisher. I am a Christian minister, ministering on Spirituality, Relationships, Christian Outreach and Victory through Deliverance.

My business will also entail serving or helping people, as individuals or in groups as a Life Coach, Small Business Coach, Spiritual Coach, Relationship Coach, Christian Outreach Coach, Home Church Planting Coach and a Victory through Deliverance Coach.

Facing a Transition? We all face changes. They can be challenging, sometimes overwhelming. Face the challenges with the right tools and skills, learned through our coaching sessions. You’ll establish your own success story! sign on to our Transition Coaching sessions.


Our Story

I am married to Dana and have two children and a granddaughter. I partner with Dana in the Heartland Business solutions Inc. an accounting company.

Ivan Poulter


Ivan Poulter Founder & CEO

Believer in our Creator.  Husband and  father. Author, Blogger, Self-publisher,  Outreach Minister, Evangelist/Short term Missionary. Gave up religion for spirituality.  Small Business owner. Fitness and health conscious. Graduate in Partners in Policy-making advocate for persons with disabilities and conservative politics.

Being a believer, in our Creator, and a husband and father are inseparable. I can neither be an effective and loving husband or father, without a deep an intimate relationship with The Almighty Father. Neither being a husband or father has been easy for me. It has been a hard road traveled, but we are better for it. Our Heavenly Father is my passion. He inspires, encourages and empowers.

Well, you know that just as no sports team has ever won a championship without a coach, I am  a Certified Professional  Coach specializing in Life, Spiritual and Relationship coaching, helping people champion their lives or their desired change. I certainly know what it means to be a champion, having been a provincial and national bodybuilding champion.

This means that we all ought to seek the services of a professional coach to make improvements in our lives, be it in business, personal, spiritual or in relationships.

What I do is work with a client in a professional manner to find one’s inner abilities and strengths to put them into action to achieve the success they desire.

This means a client who has been coached in or through my company, Action Abilities, champions and achieves the changes they themselves determined with my help. 

dana poulter

Founder Business Partner in Heartland Business Solutions

Dana is also an independent consultant for Arbone [ID 18670565]. Arbone is a networking group focusing on healthy lifestyles promoting natural foods and products. The products are healthy, botanically based and inspired by nature.


While Arbonne has skin products, Arbonne provides an exceptionally nurturing support system with a caring leadership. The products are pure, safe and beneficial. Arbonne has a Social Marketing business model. You can become part of the Arbonne networking group to be your own boss, have extra cash and set your own schedule.

For further information contact:

Dana F. Poulter

Arbonne Indpendent Consultant

Cell: 405 401-8512




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