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What would you like to improve in your life?  What is it that defines your life and who you are? Where do you envision yourself within one, five or ten years? What are the right questions to help you dig deeper into your psyche (the deep, true, real inner you, your subconscious)?

At Action Abilities, coaching is our most important function, drawing from multiple talents or abilities and services, including:

  • Coaching Services
  • Public Speaking, Seminars, Workshops
  • Spiritual Ministry Services
  • Books for Sale
  • Beginning a Special Interest Group

Additional information on each of theses facets can be found on our Services page.

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Our Coaching Services include:

  • Life coaching
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Small Business Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Transition Coaching
  • Writer’s Coaching
  • Book Publishing Coaching


Public Speaking, Seminars, Workshops


Our services include:

  • Group Ministry
  • Business Group Lunch Engagements
  • Relationship Retreats/Workshops


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Spiritual Ministry Services


  • Deliverance Ministry Seminars
  • Church Structure Series
  • Home Group Planting


Books/Literature for Sale

  • Avoiding the Living Agony [in courting, marriage, divorce and remarriage].
  • Deliverance for Victory
  • My Brother’s Rights
  • Mission of Goodwill; a modern Book of Acts Experience


My Main Motivation

I have always been competitive, not for the sake of being better than others, but in whatever is done, do the very best in my ability.  If the words ever came out of my mouth, “That is good enough”.  My Dad would tell me to do it again, for “good enough” really wasn’t.  It had to be done well. This has made a lasting impression on my life, and hence, I always strive to do better, behave well, and be a good neighbor or citizen.  A favorite quote of mine is, If I am not actively improving myself, I must be going backwards. Then another I regard married to it is, My success is limited if I am not helping another also be successful.

We are dependents and interdependent.  We cannot survive without nature, and no matter how independent we think we are, our entire existence is dependent upon the actions and abilities of other people, animals, plants and natural resources. We discover our respective niches in our lives through our passion for working with what is available. Whatever our passion, somewhere somehow, we are always interconnected to people. We need one another. As technology advances, this becomes exponentially more obvious.  Again, we need one another, and being of service to one another is one of my highest values which is translated into all my coaching and ministry services.


Next Steps…

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